London, 9 February 2024 – ADEC Innovations, a leader in global business services focused on Sustainability, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), Resiliency, Adaptability, and Impact, proudly announces its membership with Impact Sourcing Alliance, furthering its commitment to driving positive social change through sustainable business practices.

“Impact is a central tenet of our brand and our product and service offerings. Impact sourcing, the practice of intentionally hiring and providing career development opportunities to individuals who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment, aligns perfectly with our core values of social responsibility and sustainability. Being a member of Impact Sourcing Alliance, ADEC Innovations aims to contribute to the network of companies dedicated to leveraging the power of impact sourcing to create opportunities for marginalized communities worldwide,” says ADEC Innovations co-founder and Group CEO Jim Donovan.

“The Impact Sourcing model continues to gain traction as more companies recognize the potential of impact sourcing not only to improve their bottom line but also to create positive and social impact by providing employment opportunities to marginalized groups, be it rural communities, unemployed youth, single parents and differently abled individuals,” explains Matt Clarke, Director of Workforce Solutions at ADEC Innovations.

ADEC Innovations’ Impact Sourcing hub in Kenya, which provides employment to around 279 local residents is a prime example of Impact Sourcing in action; Matt adds, “Our Kenya operation provides people from local communities, including many from rural backgrounds, with long-term employment opportunities, skills development and economic growth. We look forward to showing the benefits of Impact Sourcing, sharing experiences and best practices from this hub and our other global locations to the rest of the impact sourcing community.”

Working with providers and partners like ADEC Innovations, the Impact Sourcing Alliance will showcase best practices, success stories, frameworks and methodologies of the community on Impact Sourcing.

Committed to sustainable development and Impact Sourcing, ADEC Innovations has over 40 years of group experience in professional services, enterprise technology, workforce solutions and impact solutions. For more information, contact us.

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