Meet the Team

The ADEC Innovations team is a diverse group of leaders, managers, professionals, and team members – all focused on doing what it takes to meet our clients’ unique and wide-ranging needs. Meet our leadership partners responsible for our suite of global brands.
James Donovan

As Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jim brings 25 years of investment banking expertise and entrepreneurial vision into the company.

Carol Esguerra
Carol Esguerra

As Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Carol negotiates high-level partnerships and acquisitions using her investment banking expertise.


Danny Bautista

As Head of the Global Finance team, Danny brings together key finance business strategies and processes across ADEC Innovations global finance systems and operations.

Harold Enriquez

Harold has 15 years of experience in corporate governance and planning. He manages M&A projects and new site development.

Melinda Domingo

With over four decades of experience in human resources and finance, Mel partners with leaders to define organizational priorities that support the achievement of strategic business goals and enable growth for our people and company.

Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde

Ben specializes in designing and building ESG Information management solutions, ventures, and businesses and is the originator of ADEC’s CleanChain program.

Brenden Faber

Brenden supports the ADEC group across all divisions, with a strong focus on driving contribution and delivery of results. He previously served as President of First American Exchange for 18 years.

Professional Services

Patrick Schultz
Patrick Schultz

With over 25 years’ experience in operations management, process improvement and project management, Patrick works collaboratively across all ADEC operations and business units to deliver outstanding services and products to clients worldwide.

Mary Bean

Mary has more than 24 years’ experience in environmental services and specializes in leading interdisciplinary teams in the preparation of technical studies that support environmental regulatory clearance.

Jason Brandman
Jason Brandman

With over 36 years’ experience, Jason is involved with a wide range of development projects, including the more complex and controversial in nature, as they undergo the process of environmental review.

Adam Brancheer
Adam Brancher

Bringing 25 years of extensive marine and commercial experience, Adam leads the global Blue Economy assurance and innovation team responsible for helping improve ocean stewardship.

Workforce Solutions

Matt Clarke
Matt Clarke

Bringing more than 20 years’ experience in onshore, nearshore, and offshore service delivery, Matt is responsible for ensuring quality and excellence across the Workforce Solutions global centers.

Jurgen Tanpho
Jurgen Tanpho

Applying his 30+ years of experience in the BPO industry to ADEC Philippines, Jurgen leads the teams and facilities to set priorities and ensure deliverables are aligned with client needs.

Rocky Lim
Rocky Lim

With 25 years’ experience focused on client needs and streamlining operations to improve client satisfaction, Rocky heads AMDATEX’s management performance, operational efficiency, and client relationship strategies.

Anthony Catajan

With more than 20 years of expertise in Strategic Management and Partnerships, Global Audit and Compliance, and Business Development, Anthony leads operations for Business Process Outsourcing, Healthcare, and Education across North America.

Joe Cahalane

Joe has more than 20 years wide ranging experience in working for ADEC Arise and leads the team that designs and delivers award-winning solutions for our clients.

Ger Burke

Having worked with ADEC Arise for over 20 years, Ger has considerable experience developing, implementing, and delivering high-quality client solutions.

george vastardis
George Vastardis

Applying over 32 years of management experience, George oversees day-to-day operations for ADEC Kenya which provides individuals opportunities to train for their first jobs and empowering them to start long-lasting careers and improve the quality of their lives.

Dan Brown
Daniel Brown

With over 20 years’ experience in the managed services sector Daniel specializes in document management, digitization and oversees ADEC Innovations Australian businesses.

Enterprise Technology

Navin Radhalal

Navin has over 28 years experience in managing and deploying digital and technology solutions. Navin’s experience is further coupled with business strategy development, execution and sales management.

Niem Tash
Niem Tash

With over 15 years’ experience, Niem provides Envirosite with strategic leadership and ensures new and ongoing initiatives are consistently aligned with the company’s mission and core values.

Dan Murray

Daniel Murray is a Senior Executive with extensive experience in commercial, strategic, and operational roles, known for driving growth and transformation in Sustainability Software, CSR, Responsible Business, and more.

Impact Solutions

Mike Stopka
Michael Stopka

With 20 years as an experienced sustainability executive, Mike strategically engages global organizations and supply-chains to create programs that close the gap between sustainability intentions (goals) and achievements (real impact).

Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan

Bringing 15 years’ experience in corporate organizations, Michelle leads Research and Development and manages the company’s United Nations programs.

Advisory Board