About ADEC Innovations

ADEC Innovations addresses the growing global environmental and social issues and helps organizations grow and operate responsibly. Seamlessly delivering fully integrated, cost-effective consulting, data management, and software solutions, ADEC Innovations portfolio of businesses helps clients design and implement sustainable strategies across stakeholder groups which help clients save time, reduce costs, optimize resource use, and drive operational efficiencies in a world where sustainability matters.

With a commitment to sustainable development and impact sourcing and 40 years of group experience in professional services, enterprise technology, and workforce and impact solutions, the multi-national ADEC Innovations team provides fully-integrated solutions and delivers results across various areas including education, health information, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) services and compliance.

Our Vision
Mission and


Economy, society, and environment are mutually prosperous.


Provide options and opportunities to help improve people’s lives and the health of the planet.


Advance sustainable business and operational practices around the world by harnessing and transforming information into knowledge and reshaping risk into positive impact and value.

Core Values

We live our values in what we say and do. Our core values are woven into the very fabric of how we do business, fueling positive change for the entire organization and for our clients, partners, and the communities in which we live and work.

Continuously understanding the unique needs of our clients, enabling us to deliver unparalleled customer solutions through our world- class services.
Being dynamic, innovative, and passionate for learning — fueling our relentless pursuit to achieve the highest level of standards in everything we do.
Treating our stakeholders, clients, suppliers, and communities with courtesy and compassion.
Proactively working together and being accountable to each other to achieve our vision.
Advocating honesty in our workplace by doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
Making things happen by creatively maximizing our resources to ensure each other’s success.