An end-to-end process for achieving greater supply chain transparency

London, UK – ADEC Innovations, a recognized global leader in delivering sustainable development solutions, announces the launch of DataAssured, a unique, end-to-end ESG data strategy, collection, processing, reporting and delivery solution. Providing ESG data as a service, DataAssured is not a single data management solution, rather it combines services and technology to help clients overcome their ESG data management challenges. Whereas most other providers deliver isolated ESG data solutions, such as sustainability consulting or ESG reporting software, ADEC’s DataAssured approach delivers a flexible, integrated, fully managed solution, assisting businesses where assistance is needed, helping clients secure ESG data management progress so they can achieve their short and long-term sustainability goals.

With ADEC Innovations’ ESG data bureaus, DataAssured gathers relevant information for businesses that struggle to collect ESG data from their value chain and facilities. Once all relevant ESG data is collected, DataAssured analytical tools clean and process data in preparation for visualization and reporting. Companies can then share sustainability findings with investors, regulators, customers and employees. This improves transparency for ESG performance, enables stakeholders to make more informed decisions and builds trust for their brands.

“It’s tough for companies to navigate, gather and process the overwhelming quantity of data they need for reporting credibly on their ESG performance. DataAssured eases the entire ESG data management process, ensuring businesses have an intuitive, nearly automated experience,” said James Donovan, CEO of ADEC Innovations.

The launch of DataAssured is a significant step forward for ADEC Innovations as it expands its commitment to creating a positive global impact, enabling its clients to achieve greater sustainability through its combination of analytical and strategic expertise, technology enablement, comprehensive reporting and impact sourcing solutions. With DataAssured, ADEC’s clients can make informed, strategic decisions about how to reduce risk, save time, become more compliant and create business opportunities through their ESG initiatives.