Guide to Social Sustainability in ESG

An Outsourcing Industry Professional’s Guide to Social Sustainability in ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are gaining prominence in the dynamic world of business process outsourcing (BPO).

Being human-centric, BPO providers and clients must put Social Sustainability at the heart of operations. But with various legal requirements, reporting frameworks, changing priorities and sprawling data collection requirements and little guidance – this is easier said than done.

To help outsourcing industry professionals navigate the complexities of Social Sustainability, we’ve penned this white paper with impact experts at GCEOA and BPO-veteran turned ESG advisor, Alistair Niederer. It aims to equip BPO professionals with a solid understanding of ESG and Social Sustainability. By reading it you can:

  • Grasp ESG and its relevance to the BPO industry

  • Understand the Social Sustainability imperative for BPO providers and clients
  • Get guidance on relevant metrics and data utilization for effective decision-making
  • Set out steps to implement Social Sustainability practices in outsourcing activities
  • Get inspired on how to leverage impact sourcing for positive social and economic outcomes
Get this white paper to gain insights needed to make informed decisions and drive positive social impact across outsourced operations.
Download: Guide to Social Sustainability in ESG